A Christmas Shopping List for the Mourning

Dear The Healing Store Customer,

Christmas is understandably a difficult time for you. There are so many things to do, so many people to see, yet the person you want to see most is now absent from your life. How is it that you can manage to keep your spirits up when all you want for Christmas is the one thing you cannot have? Without them, Christmas or any holiday for that matter, is not the same, not worth celebrating. Here at The Healing Store we care about you, and have a fantastic selection of goodies for the broken-hearted that might help with the heart-ache you may be feeling during this season.

A Christmas Shopping List for the Mourning:
tear jar(s) – you might need this to collect the tears for when the heart-ache you feel when missing them becomes too much – you can most-likely find this one under the “Mourning Necessities” aisle –  you may need more than one
a photo frame – to frame a picture of those you will be spending Christmas with this year – count the amount of people who love you in this photo, and the amount of people you love – compare the amount of people in the photo (and those out of the photo too) to the amount of tear jars you have filled
Psalm 34:18 – your Christmas spirit may have died for a time, but God’s Holy Spirit will always be there to comfort you – if you can’t find this one, please refer to the book titled The Bible
joy – this one might be difficult to buy because of the high price, but just try to find a small one somewhere – you might find it if you look closely (you could even try looking in the photo frame)
hope – ON SALE THIS WEEK!!! Even with the lowered prices though, this one might also prove to be challenging to purchase, however, with this small thing you will feel like you can keep celebrating Christmas – you can find it right next to joy and Revelation 21:4 in the aisle titled “Peaceful Accessories

Of course, there are many other things you could pick up during this season such as gifts for others, some turkey or some pie, but these are the most necessary and meaningful things that you need to purchase when you stop by. You can even share your purchases from The Healing Store with those you spend Christmas with – I am certain they will be over-joyed to accept them and love them more than any other gift! Our shopping list suggestion is just one of many, and there is much more you can purchase at The Healing Store, so please feel free to visit our website at www.youneedarelationshipwithjesus.com and our Christmas section of the store titled Luke 2:1-20.

Thank you for your interest in The Healing Store, we hope to see you here soon!

CEO of The Healing Store,

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